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Every day, there is a fresh opportunity to make your dream come true. That is why we created this website with the intention of helping many people in vulnerable positions to reclaim their future by beginning to study.
Mohab Alkatmeh
Mohab Alkatmeh

Senior IT Engineer

Mohab Alkatmeh

Senior IT engineer at ABN Amro since 2015: I was 17 when I had to flee Syria. There was a moment when I was laying on the sidewalk without anything and really needed assistance.

Then someone put me on the train to the Netherlands. Now that I’ve succeeded and have a decent life, I want to help others because I understand how crucial it is to get genuine assistance when it is truly needed.

I want to impart my expertise while also assisting the Netherlands in welcoming immigrants. We also believe that by helping someone, they will be able to help someone else in the future.

Quirine Veth
Quirine Veth

Professionals Coach

Quirine Veth

As trainer and coach of refugees at large companies such as ABN Amro and Tennet, I teach these non-Western professionals how to work efficiently and effectively in the Netherlands.

From stories I hear, I learn that the insecure asylumprocedure period was one of the most difficult times in their lives. It is precisely during that period that I want to be there for them to inspire and motivate to use what they always have: their brains.

To get a good start, you have to start studying Dutch and make a careerplan right from day one. To be able to contribute, to feel at home, to be a good example for your family and friends, so your children can be proud of you.

Only together we can keep the Netherlands a beautiful place.

The future employees of the Netherlands are going through the asylumprocedure today.

Join us to change the world together!

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