Build-Demolition Workers

What is a Sloper?

De Sloper carries out all common demolition work. Demolition is the breaking down (to the ground) of movable or immovable property into smaller components. De Sloper often carries out demolition work on behalf of a customer. The customer may want to have something demolished for various reasons. For example, the Sloper can demolish something to reuse certain parts, to clear the ground because something has expired, to prevent vandalistic behavior, or from a recycling point of view.

When the purpose of the demolition is to clear the ground, it is immaterial to the Demolition whether the parts remain intact. If parts are going to be recycled or reused, the Demolition will have to work differently and carry out the demolition step by step. The manner of demolition therefore strongly depends on the purpose of the demolition. The most common things the Sloper demolishes are houses or buildings and cars.

The Construction Collective Labor Agreement divides the position of Demolition into three levels,

  • Demolition I,
  • Demolition II,
  • Springmeester I.

Demolition I and II carry out the desired demolition work, and the Springmeester carries out demolition work using explosives. De Sloper often has varied activities. The objects to be demolished can be very diverse and with various specializations. In addition to the actual demolition, the Sloper also carries out the preparatory work and performs maintenance on the necessary machines and tools.

What should you do for example?

  • Working with a hammer/chisel;
  • Cleaning up large debris;
  • Cutting reinforcing bars;
  • Sorting the rubble;
  • Keep the construction site tidy.


Required training

No training is required. There is an MBO training BBL to become a demolition worker.