As a scaffold builder, you work for a company that builds steel scaffolding. You can think of a specialized scaffolding company or a construction company. The work mainly takes place in the open air under varying circumstances.

You do this not only for new construction projects but also for renovation and maintenance work, such as the renovation and maintenance of historic buildings in old cities. As a result, you come to many different locations.
Scaffolding is required for construction. Building it is not something you do ‘just like that. There are all kinds of regulations and rules about the construction and decoration of scaffolding (think of railings, nets, etc.). As a scaffold builder, you know how to safely assemble simple traditional scaffolding, system scaffolding, and support structures. You can work on the basis of drawings and sketches and according to the established regulations. You also know how to handle the logistics of the construction of scaffolding, you arrange and supervise the transport of the scaffolding parts to the construction site, and you take care of machines (cranes), equipment, and tools that are needed during construction. You know your material and how to put it down safely – strong and stable. The administrative handling of (part of) the work can also be part of your tasks.

What should you be able to do?

You have to be very careful – mistakes can have huge consequences for others. You have to be able to handle that responsibility. Agreements with clients and contractors must be properly recorded. You are well aware of the safety requirements and health and safety regulations, you can plan and organize the work and collaborate with colleagues. It is important that you are certainly not afraid of heights!


MBO scaffolding mechanic BOL or BBL level 2 or 3

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