Pile drivers

Pile driving is driving a concrete, steel, or wooden sheet piling or pile into the ground. The pile driver, therefore, installs foundation elements of wood, steel, or concrete. This is done by means of a piling rig which, by continuously hitting the head of the pile with a pile driver or hydraulic impact hammer, or by dropping a falling block or vibratory hammer into the pile, brings the sheet pile or pile into the ground. This lays the foundation for a building.

The pile driver is involved in all common pile-driving activities. The pile driver helps with setting up, moving, keeping the piling rig ready for operation, ironing, and transporting it. The pile driver also performs various activities at and under the piling rig.

The pile driver works for a pile driving or foundation company. The pile driver works in the same shift as the pile driving manager and the machinist of the pile driving or foundation installation. The collective name of The pile driverincludes foundation specialist, Foundation worker, driller piles, pile driller, small pile driver, and mobile pile driver.

The pile driver performs both standing and walking work. Pile driving also entails a number of occupational risks for the Pile driver, such as noise, vibrations, physical complaints, and work pressure.

Demolition I and II carry out the desired demolition work, and the Springmaster carries out demolition work using explosives. De Sloper often has varied activities. The objects to be demolished can be very diverse and with various specializations. In addition to the actual demolition, the Sloper also carries out the preparatory work and performs maintenance on the necessary machines and tools.

What education you should have?

To get started as a pile driver, an MBO training in the construction sector is a good choice. Courses are also offered to enable you to work safely as a pile driver. A Basic Safety course is also often required. Think of VCA basis.

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