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Knowing what kind of work you like is important in NL!!

Some jobs simply make more money than others because they help with the essentials needed in society. For example, an engineer is needed more to build a country by building bridges or houses than an artist.

What does the Netherlands lack? Technicians at all levels and also IT- professionals. Because many jobs are automated IT is recommended.
Education sector or the legal sector are less advisable, because your level of Dutch needs to be at a very high level.
The Netherlands believes that no one has to starve in NL. Every Dutch person has to pay about 40% of his/her income in tax for that reason. This way the person who cannot work can still live and eat, like old or sick people. 

In order to stay out of the social supportsystem, you have to get education so you can participate and be equal to others. Not receiving money only to survive. 

Strong people work for the weak people, to let them survive. 

If you are a strong person, young and not sick, then you are obliged that you participate fully from the start by either studying and working or working only.

Some sections you can work in


Best Choice

The greatest chance to get a well-paid job is in IT. Most people are needed in programming. You can even get started without training. You need to have good analytical skills for this.

There are also many opportunities especially for refugees to join, such as

If you want to do a course, it is advisable to do this at MBO, Bachelor (HBO) or University level. The reason why so many people are needed in ICT is that almost all work processes in the Netherlands are automated.


Best Choice

The Netherlands will have problems because of the rising sealevel in the future because of global warming. Engineers who can come up with solutions for this are therefore very popular.

In short: if you have an affinity with technology, then definitely opt for an MBO or HBO or university education to train yourself in this. Your bright working future is then guaranteed.

For many jobs at MBO level, the employer pays the education (BBL). You work 4 days a week and you go to school 1 day a week for example.


Good choice

Because you need little language, because the focus is mainly on numbers, the financial sector is certainly recommended. Most people are needed at HBO and WO levels. Think of a controller, accountant, or data analyst. The reason is that simpler, more administrative functions are currently being automated.


Not recommended

Working in the legal sector is difficult. For 90% of the jobs, knowledge of Dutch law is required. In addition, your level of Dutch must be at level C1, because of all the difficult words. The work is based on language. If you are not a native speaker, you will always have a much harder time than native speakers. The competition will then be fierce. Because employers are more likely to choose native speakers for these jobs.

(Medical) Care

Dutch Education needed

There is a severe shortage of nurses and carers. It is necessary to undergo training. Why? Then the quality can be guaranteed. Unfortunately, there is much less of a shortage of doctors. There are even too many for certain disciplines, especially doctors who work in hospitals. This means that the competition is fierce and many doctors apply abroad.

But there is a shortage of, for example, general practitioners (huisartsen) and doctors in geriatrics.

To become a doctor in the Netherlands you have to take the BIG exam which is very difficult. The threshold is therefore high to be able to work as a doctor. The reason is again that quality must be guaranteed. This is the thought behind it.

Of course, you can also study here again to pass the BIG exam, but that is a long way and if there are many native speakers who apply for a job, they have a bigger chance to get hired, because of the language barrier. The competition in the labor market for a doctor is therefore high at the moment (2022-2023).
The advice is to become a doctor in, for example, Germany or to retrain to become a nurse or a dentist or psychiatrist.


Dutch Education needed

Working in education means that your level of Dutch must be at least level B2 and preferably C1. Why?

On the one hand, you have to keep order in a classroom where children are more assertive than in a hierarchical culture, the culture you come from.

In addition, all teaching materials are in Dutch, which makes the course very challenging. There is a major teacher shortage. So if it’s your passion, it’s definitely recommended to do a college education for this. Think of the PABO.

Please note that you will only be admitted to the program if your Dutch level is high! you need to show that you passed your Exam Dutch at the required level.


Easy start

Many people are needed in logistics since Corona because a lot is ordered online and delivered. For the short term, it is a good choice to start with this, because you need a little Dutch for this. But for the long term, it is not really a career to aspire as it can be boring and you cannot grow in salary as promotion without education is not possible. You only need a Dutch driving license B.

Becoming a truck driver is a good idea. There is a big shortage of truckdrivers. Most of the time the employer pays for your education to get the driving license C. In case you leave the company in an early stage you need to pay the education back. In case you stay for a few years working at the company, the education is for free.


Dutch Education needed

Working for the government can be a lot of fun. All kinds of disciplines such as IT, Technology, legal, and marketing are needed. The government is also seen as reliable and accessible for everyone to work at. But you will always need education. A lot of work does require a high level of Dutch (B2), because you implement the laws of the government.

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