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What is a Window Cleaner?

The window cleaner is concerned with cleaning windows and cleaning facades.

In general, the window cleaner uses a sponge, chamois, and a squeegee for this. Over time, windows become dull due to pollution from the outside. This is because there is a relatively large amount of soot and other dirty particles in the air. In a busy city with a lot of traffic, the windows will generally get dirty faster than in a village. Many people have a regular window cleaner who comes every so often to clean the windows. These are often windows that are not easily accessible. A good window cleaner will also make the effort to clean the windows. This promotes the life of the frames.

The profession of Window cleaner is not entirely harmless. Because the window cleaner often works at great heights, accidents often occur. The industry has therefore been given increasingly strict working conditions in recent years. Working at great heights with ladders is now also prohibited for window cleaners. A solution for this can be working with an aerial platform or the telescopic pole. With this stick, the window cleaner can work up to 15 meters from the ground.


Not necessary

BBL: practical training four days a week working for a window cleaning and you go to school one day a week for the various theory lessons.

During the practical training, you will work as a window cleaner under the supervision of an experienced colleague, who must be seen as a teacher.

As a window cleaner, it is not strictly necessary that you follow vocational training, because working as a window cleaner can also be seen as unskilled work.

This does not alter the fact that a window cleaner must complete a VCA course because safety plays an important role in a window cleaner. In addition, there are also plenty of external training institutes where you can follow a course.

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