Industry-Assembly workers/mechanics

An Assembly Mechanic is someone who is involved in assembling products, often on an assembly line. Different parts are combined into a final result, this process is also known as final assembly. You also always keep an eye on it to see if there are any problems. And if a problem arises, it is up to you to solve it quickly and properly. As an Assembly Mechanic, you are also responsible for maintaining the machines and keeping the workplace in order.

As an Assembly Technician, you put together the end product from the various product parts. What exactly you will do in this position can be very different. It really depends on what exactly you are going to assemble and how many people are involved. You check whether everything is in order and also check the quality.

Below are a number of tasks to be performed

  • Studying the work instructions
  • Checking the delivered product parts
  • Compiling semi-finished and/or finished products
  • Inspecting and testing semi-finished and/or finished products
  • Correcting any deviations
  • Assessing and reporting product quality
  • Preparing finished products for shipment
  • The possible welding and soldering of parts
  • Cleaning and tidying the work environment and production resources


Below are a number of courses that will prepare you well for this position:

  • Industrial processes (mbo 2)
  • Assembly technician mobility sector (mbo 2)
  • Construction worker (mbo 2)
  • Mechanical engineering mechatronics (mbo 2)
  • Metal worker (mbo 2)
  • Sheet metal worker (mbo 2)
  • Mechanical installations (MBO 2, 3)

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