What do you need before you start work?

Demonstrating work experience is important!
The work experience you have gained in your home country, but also as a volunteer in the Netherlands helps you find work or an internship. The company wants to see evidence that you really want it. In case they are convinced that you are motivated then they believe they should invest in your guidance to learn how to do the job.
Being motivated!
Supervision costs money and time, because the supervisor has to spend time on you and cannot spend it on his own work. That takes effort. For that reason, there must be confidence that you are worth investing in. You must therefore be on time, motivated and eager to learn for your future to participate in the Netherlands.
Applying for a job
The Netherlands is an open country. Why? It has not known a war for 75 years and no dictatorship. That is why people easily post information on the internet, for example on LinkedIn or show their background in a Curriculum Vitae. An employer wants to see the resume, but also wants to know the motivation.
Labour market - vacancies

The company/organisation that wants to hire people, publishes a vacancy. This vacancy consists of 3 parts:

1. Job description

2. List of hard skills required: like a diploma that proofs your knowledge and skills; software knowledge; Language skills

3. Softskills: like communications skills, being flexible, open minded

Before you start to apply for a job:

1. First write down 5 keywords, that represent your professional background (your education field, your software knowlegde for example);

2. Then search on the internet for vacancies with these words in it;

3. Make sure in your CV and linkedin profile these words are often mentioned.

Why? Recruiters are using machines to search for the right profiles. So you will be found easier when you mention the right keywords.

Create a professional network

The more people you know in the Netherlands the better.


* To learn from, for example practise Dutch
* To hear about available jobs
* To get tips how to get to know companies

Register at:
Refugee Talent Hub
RTH offers mentoring programs in which a voluntary mentor from a company helps you to make a career plan, CV, LinkedIn profile and with job search for 4 to 6 months.

RefugeeWork makes a match based on skills and then connects the employer and employee.
In an individualistic, non-hierarchical culture such as the Netherlands, it is very important that you show personal leadership. 
In short: you have to do everything by yourself. You need to know what you want and why you want it. In a hierarchical culture, more is taken care of and decided for you. That is not the case in the Netherlands. So you have to do it yourself. You need a direction, so you need careerplanning. Also reasons why this suits you. In case your background is in technology, but now you like to work with children at school, then my question will be: why do you no longer want to work in technology? A logical answer is then important. But also contact with your own heart, what do you want? The individual opinion and the question why is very important in the Netherlands.

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