Why learn Dutch as soon as possible?

While waiting in the asylum seekers’ center it is important to remain motivated. Starting early with learning Dutch and orientation on the labor market provides hope. Hope for a good future in the Netherlands. The asylum seeker of today is the employee of the future.

Time is useless if you are waiting for asylum, use this time.

You need Dutch for 80% of the jobs

Learning Dutch takes a lot of time, for 90% of the jobs you need a diploma. To be able to get the Dutch passport but also a Dutch diploma level MBO you must master Dutch at level B1.

You stay active and train your brain. This gives structure to your day, which keeps your mind healthy. It can make you feel proud when you challenge yourself en you achieve your goal.

Tips to learn Dutch yourself

Can I learn Dutch on MY own, without help? Is that possible?
If you really want something, you’ll get it. That is the Dutch way of thinking. In this individualistic culture, you have a lot of freedom to do what you want. It does mean focus and motivation. in the period that you do not yet have a temporary residence permit, you can already learn Dutch without paid training. WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING
Pen & Paper

Always have a pen and paper with you and write down all the Dutch words. Make drawings to remember them in their context.


Buy tape and make small papers to stick the Dutch word on things in your immediate environment.

Download language app

Download an app to learn Dutch from, for example, English or Arabic.

Second-hand shop

Go to a second-hand shop (kringloop) and buy a book for easy Dutch learning.

Watch Dutch Television/video’s

Watch Dutch TV programs or youtube video’s, like:

  • Schooltv.nl
  • Youtube, type: Nederlands leren
Google Translate

Use Google Translate all day long.

Language lessons

NT2 TaalMenu – Learn Dutch for free online

Do you want to learn Dutch or practice for the integration exam? On the website of NT2 TaalMenu, you can practice online for free.

Free Online language coach

At the organisation ‘Het Begint met Taal‘, you can find a voluntary language coach (one-to-one or in a group) throughout the Netherlands. A language coach will practice Dutch with you as a ‘language buddy’ in a language café or online. The main purpose of language coaching is to be able to participate in society.


Through the Italki website, you can learn several new languages, including Dutch. The website, which is also available as an app, offers you the opportunity to get in touch with language teachers or native speakers. So you can get one-to-one lessons of good quality. You can choose to pay for lessons with language teachers or you can communicate with other language partners for free.

Introduction to Dutch – University of Groningen

Learn to speak, write and understand basic Dutch, with this free, three-week, introductory foreign language course. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/dutch

BOOST Amsterdam

At BOOST Amsterdam, various activities such as language classes, playing sports, sewing, and eating lunch are organized. You can drop by whenever you want so they can tell you more about their program. BOOST is open from Monday until Friday, between 9 AM and 5 PM.

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