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An emergency cleaner is a specially trained cleaner who is responsible for emergency cleaning.

For example, they are responsible for clearing buildings from fire damage or water damage. This may mean, for example, that emergency cleaners are responsible for removing loose construction elements, such as possible carpentry or ceiling plates. The removal of kitchen units and carpeting is also a regular occurrence as an emergency cleaner. As a calamity cleaner, you can be called in for various emergency work, which does not only relate to fire damage or water damage. For example, also consider removing oil from a road surface after an accident, or removing asbestos, if the emergency cleaner has the right training. The profession of emergency cleaners should also be seen in a fairly general way because it is quite conceivable that a disaster cleaner also specializes in certain forms of disaster cleaning. In all cases, a calamity cleaner can be seen as a rescuer. The assistance relates to the provision of first aid after a calamity. In most cases, emergency cleaners are engaged by an insurance company. The main activities of a calamity cleaner come down to limiting consequential damage and offering help.



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