Security professions-Fire guards/hot work guards

A hot work watch supervises people who carry out work with fire, mainly in the (petro)chemical industry. He or she monitors whether the requirements of the hot work permit are met and checks that the correct personal protective equipment is worn. During work, the hot work watch monitors the employees in or outside the confined space. He or she is also responsible for checking permits, procedures and the evacuation plan.

If a fire breaks out during the work, a hot work watch will know how to communicate quickly and how to call in the emergency services. In addition, a hot work watch can extinguish the fire with small extinguishing agents until the emergency services arrive and, if necessary, provide first aid until the emergency services arrive.


  • National diplomas in accordance with IFV/NBBE:
  • Crew A
  • Commander
  • Duty Officer
  • Crew Company fire brigade
  • Company fire brigade commander
  • Fire Watch (2nd Class)
  • Fire Watch (1st Class)
  • Fire Chief
  • Deputy Firefighter
  • firefighter
  • National diplomas for specialisms, such as gas station attendant, gas suit wearer, diver, exercise leader, and more.
  • First aid (conf. Orange/Red Cross) certificate
  • VCA-VOL certificate
  • certificate gas measurement / EX-OX-TOX en

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